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Chinese Language

Regular Elementary Chinese I
Course: CHIN 111
Regular Elementary Chinese II
Course: CHIN 112
Intensive Elementary Chinese (I & II)
Course: CHIN 115/CHIN 116
Regular Intermediate Chinese I
Course: CHIN 113
Regular Intermediate Chinese II
Course: CHIN 114
Intensive Intermediate Chinese (I & II)
Course: CHIN 117/CHIN 118
Intensive Advanced Chinese (I & II)
Course: CHIN 260/CHIN 261
Advanced Conversational Chinese
Course: CHIN 360

Business / Economics

Fundamentals of Marketing
Course: MARK 201
Business Finance
Course: FINC 332
Managing People and Organizations
Course: MGMT 201
China in the World Economy
Course: ECON 364

Fine Arts

Chinese Architecture: The Role and Future of Traditional Architectural Forms
Course: FNAR 394B


Pre-Modern Chinese History
Course: HIST 342A
Political Histories Of China Since 1949
Course: HIST 300E


Classical Chinese Literature in Translation
Course: LITR 290
Modern Chinese Fiction
Course: LITR 292


Chinese Medicine
Course: ASIA 297

Martial Arts

Introduction to Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu)
Course: THTR 130


Engaging China: Silk Road Trip Course
Course: ASIA 297
Peoples of China
Course: SOCL 251


Chinese Political Philosophy
Course: PLSC 300B
Introduction to Buddhism
Course: THEO 297
Traditional Chinese Philosophy
Course: PHIL 191

Political Science

State and Society in China
Course: PLSC 300D
Chinese Foreign Policy
Course: PLSC 300D


External Experience in China
Course: INTS 370