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Fall 3  •  Sociology

Peoples of China

  • Course: SOCL 251
  • Class Number(s): Class #3790
  • Professor: Professor Zhang Haiyang, Professor Sai Han
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China is a complex whole. Most students can study part of it. Our course is trying to be holistic. Focusing on the ethnic minorities perspective, this lecture is gong to introduce China's cultural diversity and unity as a whole, including its diversified cultural legacies, its governance of ethnic minority affairs, the interaction between the big tradition and little traditions, the paradox of development facing by the minority peoples and the necessity of safeguarding equity of cultural continuity for China to build a harmonious society. The course is based on lectures once a week, most of them delivered by minority scholars or students from different cultural backgrounds, including a Tibetan, a Uyghur and a Mongol, together with Professor Zhang. The whole lecture series is built up with 3 modules in the ratio of 4:3:3 or 4:4:4. Module I is a general introduction of cultural mappings in China. Module II is an elaboration on ethnic minority in North China; Module III focus on major minorities in South China. Each lecture is composed of 3 sections: 1. A brief introduction to an interesting topic for your questions and discussion. 2. Questions and answers to the contents in your reading package. 3 An intensive discussion on a topic or a group for exchanging views to a tentative conclusion. Most of your lectures will be conducted by Prof. Zhang, Haiyang from the Central University of Nationalities. All guest speakers will be invited by Prof. Zhang from his campus or from the China Tibetology Center in Beijing. A visit to the Campus of the Central University of Nationalities for visiting the campus museum and interacting with minority graduate students over a Uyghur food table is the highlight of this course before your final examination. A deep and favorable impression of China's cultural diversity is the reward to yourself and a legacy to your family.


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